What Is Coaching?

So what exactly is coaching?

This is a common question asked by many individuals these days. Is coaching the same as mentoring? Who can use professional coaching services? There might be countless questions about coaching, but it’s just right to give an answer for the most commonly asked one-“What is coaching?”

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Coaching is defined as a professional relationship which helps individuals deliver extraordinary results in their business, careers and their lives in general. Coaching also helps in bridging the gap between where a person is right now and where he or she wanted to be.

During professional coaching sessions, coaches closely partner with their respective clients and help design the ideal life they want and also help in bringing out their clients’ own resources and brilliance so that they can create and achieve extraordinary, excellent and purposeful life.

By means of creating great clarity, coaching moves clients to actions accelerating clients’ progress by giving them a greater awareness and focus on all possibilities that exist to create a highly fulfilling and rewarding lives.

The responsibility of a Coach

Aside from merely focusing on the question “what is coaching?”, individuals also need to learn about the significant roles and responsibilities of a coach. Professional coach stays with the clients in the process which aims to improve performances and focus on here and now instead of concentrating on the distant past or the future.

Coaches usually honor their clients as experts in their works and lives, and they believe that every client is resourceful, creative, unique and whole. Considering this critical foundation, responsibilities of coaches are:

  • Encourage clients’ self-discovery
  • Discover, clarify then align with what clients wanted to achieve
  • Hold clients accountable and responsible
  • Stimulate client-generated strategies and solutions

These processes help clients improve their outlook on life and work dramatically while at the same time improving leadership skills. Coaches also play a vital role in unlocking clients’ potential.

The Benefits of Coaching

The helping and caring relationship established between a coach and a client are truly beneficial. The benefits of coaching to individuals are actually wide-ranging. Many clients have reported that coaching really impacted their lives and their careers positively. Coaching also change their lives for the best because this helps them to:

  • Set goals and take actions to achieve those goals
  • Gain more satisfaction both in personal and professional life
  • Become self-reliant
  • Contribute effectively to teams and to organizations
  • Communicate and connect more effectively
  • Work easier and more productively with others
  • Take greater accountability and responsibility for commitments and actions

The Real Essence of Coaching

What is coaching? The answer for this varies to different people. However, coaching is generally about helping individuals overcome challenges and improve their performance.

Coaching can be defined in different ways, but the real essence is:

  • To support an individual in every level of becoming who they really wanted to be
  • To help an individual change in ways that they wish and help them go the direction they choose to take
  • To build awareness that empowers choices and leads to positive change

It does not really matter if coaching is used in business, sport or life. The thing that matters is that coaching does a great way of changing peoples’ lives for the best.

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